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What We Like to See:

Explicitness and Details: Your own experience is what’s going to separate you from different journalists. We urge you to incorporate data like what attracted you to a specific formula, what you would do somewhat any other way on the off chance that you made the specialty once more, what was something missing in your wedding that you would have wanted to have, or maybe there’s a senseless yet vital mix-up you made when cooking that cake that you need to advise others to stay away from. Data like this not just separates you from different scholars, it additionally expands your creator dependability and helps other people.

Compose From Experience: The best articles will in general be composed from the educated viewpoint regarding somebody who has really made the art, set up together the formula, or took part in the occasion. We need our writers to compose from a position of learning, and we lean toward that it be clear to perusers that they can confide in the data and proposals that you share.

Unique and Beautiful Photos: It’s great when articles contain top notch pictures, ideally taken by the writer. If not taken by the creator, it helps if photographs are in any event precisely sourced and of high caliber. At the point when you post photos of your in-progress art, formula, or festivity, you’re bringing your peruser into your reality and imparting your skill to them. Also, bit by bit photographic directions will in general extraordinarily improve the peruser’s involvement.

Numbered Lists: If an article records a number in the title (i.e.: “Top 10 Best Halloween Cupcake Recipes”), it is considerably more coherent if the things on the rundown are numbered all through the content. Since this improves coherence, it improves the probability that perusers will wrap up the article completely.

What to Avoid:

Ignorant Promotion: Products should possibly be incorporated on the off chance that you have individual involvement with that specific item. Writers shouldn’t prescribe something to perusers that they haven’t attempted, as this can decrease the peruser’s trust in the writer.

Foggy Photos: Photos are a urgent part of any great art instructional exercise, formula, rundown of formula thoughts, or festivity. All things considered, it’s significant that photographs be top notch, which means they shouldn’t be foggy, fluffy, or misshaped.

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