Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore Marketing Automation

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Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore Marketing Automation


Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore Marketing Automation” : Marketing automation has always been surrounded with a stigma that its initial costs are too high to justify, especially for small businesses. But the truth is that businesses can no longer afford to not utilise its power.

Entrepreneurs either automate or delegate non-core business tasks. If you are not doing everything yourself, then you have created a job, not a business.


Marketing Automation -


Marketing automation focuses on the automatic conversion of leads into customers. The most popular form is email automation – where businesses set up a system to funnel leads automatically through their email system. For example, a website it set up to automatically generate traffic. That traffic is then prompted to sign up to an email list, where they receive a series of automated emails. Once set up, this system works on its own.

Automation allows a business to save time and money in the long run. The obvious downside is that it takes quite a bit of time and money initially to set up the system. This leads small businesses to believe that the costs don’t justify the end result. They believe automation is reserved for large businesses but that is far from the truth. Small business can’t afford to ignore marketing automation.

Automation Gives a Fast Return on Investment

When done correctly, marketing automation will transform leads into customers and customers into delighted customers. Those customers will then review and refer the business, further adding to the automated process. This type of automation does take a while to set up initially bit will require an investment in the form of time or money, but when done correctly the ROI can be astronomical.

Automation also provides an easy way for a marketing and sales team to communicate. Marketing should be synced with a customer relationship management (CRM) system so that staff can handle potential issues. No company does this better than Amazon. Their entire sales system is automated and integrated into their amazing CRM system.

My point is that marketing automation might require an investment, but that investment is quickly paid back.

Boost to Transaction Rates

Customers will often leave items in their cart for a number of different reasons. Automation makes it possible to follow-up with these customers, converting some of them into sales. Businesses can use this opportunity to learn why the customer did not follow through and help guide them. Furthermore, businesses can remind customers that they left those products behind. They might be more inclined to make the purchase than they were when adding the product.

Marketing automation is the only way that any of this is possible. Small businesses focus so much on getting new leads that they forget about the ones they already have. They are essentially leaving money on the table.

Personalised Websites Have Never Been More Important

When a lead visits your website, they have already gained an impression of your business. Creating a personalised automated website improves their conversion rate. You should already have a profile for your target market before you even think about marketing, so this data should be used to create landing pages that are geared around that market.

Furthermore, you can identify web visitors that have visited your website and automatically funnel them into a sales system.

Utilisation of Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is an automated system that distributes points on users who take specific actions. As you might be able to ascertain, this is an advanced strategy but one that I highly recommend for all businesses. Basically, the system is designed in such a way that it tracks user behaviour and assigns points when the visitor meets your ideal buyer criteria. Once a lead reaches a specific number of points, they are passed onto another more targeted sales system that assigns them as “sales-ready.”

Lead scoring is advantageous because it ensures that you’re not wasting resources on leads that are not qualified. For example, if you have ever visited a real estate website then you’ll notice that you must fill out a questionnaire. That questionnaire determines which category the buyer is qualified for and then directs them to the appropriate funnel.

In the end, marketing automation will improve any marketing strategy. The golden rule is that anything that can be automated, should be automated.

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